27 September 2009

Kuala Rompin, Malaysia Oct 2003 Bike Tour

2 days Bike Adventure Tour with my sister and her partner.

Getting our bikes ready

Malaysian east coast road

taking shelter from the rain

we decided to press on as the weather was not turning any better

arrived at destination

map of the area

we decided to find the road to Endau Rompin river

trail markings

the adventure begins

nice offroad but....

could not get good traction, ground was too muddy

needwd the help coz I could not get a good footing on the slippery ground

now you know why

my sister and her hubby

found these guys camping and fishing

our home for a night


hunters hut

these guys were fun to be with, they actually called me up one day to go wild bore hunting

they cook up a very nice "kung bak" fried bee hoon

time to say good bye

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